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By Jan Glenn and Princess Grace Kelly (aka Crazy Gracie)

The Friends For Life’s Mobile Adoption Van at Memorial Park.

What’s New for the New YearIf you run, walk, stroll, meander or just enjoy spending time outdoors at Memorial Park, then listen up!  This is a fabulous addition if you have considered adopting a new pet.  Plus, if you are dog tired of running with your old running partner, here is a great program. A no kill shelter in the Heights called Friends For Life has a new program at Memorial Park called Running 4 Home.  Here is how it works.

The Friends For Life’s Mobile Adoption Van (MAV) provides an air-conditioned, clean and quiet environment transporting up to 33 adoptable animals at a time to Memorial Park. Outside windows offer viewing under an awning while inside adopters get a hands-on visit.  With the only city permit to operate at Memorial Park, the MAV is parked near the running trail the second Saturday of each month.

By trading an item such as their car keys or driver’s license, runners can “borrow” a dog to accompany them on the trail. This process helps potential adopters get to know the animal in order to see if they are a good fit. Hey, don’t want to run? Then have a nice walk in the park with your four-legged, new best friend.

Cat lovers, you haven’t been left out! The MAV has plenty of felines on board where runners can go inside and meet them.  Knowledgeable volunteers are on-site at Running 4 Home to answer questions and get adoption paperwork started. Everyone wins!

If you aren’t a runner but love to see the animals at the Friends For Life shelter, it is located at 107 E. 22nd Street in the Heights. Their number is 713-863-9835 or visit the Friends For Life website at