Super Football Fans


Jennifer and Chad Pinkerton with Lara Bell.

Cover Story | By Lara Bell –

 Houston is cheering hard this month as we are on the biggest stage in the world with Super Bowl LI on Sunday, February 5th. I was a huge Oilers fan in the 90s and am now, of course, a Texans Fan. I asked some Memorialites which teams they are obsessed with and for some fun Super Bowl stories. I had no idea our community loves football so much!

Chad Pinkerton

Chad Pinkerton

“Chad loves his wife and four children,” said Chad Pinkerton’s wife, Jennifer. “He just might love the Dallas Cowboys a little bit more, at least during a winning season like this past one. Raised in Dallas, he has supported the Cowboys his whole life and is truly a die-hard fan.

“Every game, he dresses in full ‘costume,’ as I call it. He dons one of his player jerseys complete with matching shoes, tights, wristbands and other accessories. He sets up in front of his giant screen, iPhone in hand, ready to text naysayers and supporters throughout each play. During it all, the doors to the media room remain closed, and the excitement is felt throughout the house. Chad almost always watches in solitude, shouting boisterously as he sees fit. We are grateful for those doors!

“Clients and staff know about his Cowboys obsession too, as he never misses an opportunity to rejoice in a win or relay an anecdote. Our friends all know how football Sunday goes and carefully text their sympathies on a loss or enthusiastically text their congratulations on a win! He can cite any play and any history with as much conviction and energy as he shows in the courtroom. For a man who has most everything, his greatest wish is just to meet Dak Prescott!

“All kidding aside, the passion and dedication Chad has for his beloved Cowboys is amazing. I speak in jest about his love for them, yet I am so glad he loves something this much, and by marriage, I can’t help but be a huge fan now too!”

Ashley Reidy
Fiona Tolunay and Ashley Reidy at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Fiona Tolunay and Ashley Reidy at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“I am an only child, and when my dad did not get a boy, I was raised to love sports. I played every sport I could growing up with the help and coaching of my dad. As I got older, football became my passion and our passion together. When I went off to college, my parents got season tickets to the Houston Texans. We went to every home game to cheer them on and themed our tailgates on the team we were playing against. My dad decided it would be fun to see every stadium in the NFL as the Texans played there. My mom and I immediately jumped on board.

“Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 2006, and we never got to begin our journey of seeing the stadiums with him, but my mom made it her mission to continue my dad’s idea. We represent our team from the plane ride to our destination to the plane ride home – win or lose. We have met some amazing people and wonderful fans along the way. We try to experience each city for everything it has to offer.

“My mom and I both signed up to be volunteers at this year’s Super Bowl and cannot wait to see what Houston has to offer football fans from around the globe. I am super thankful that my dad taught me about this game and helped me develop such a passion. I am looking forward to finishing the tour of the 32 stadiums and being able to go back to my favorites.”

Blair Harmon
Blair Harmon and dad Philip Stevens.

Blair Harmon and dad Philip Stevens.

“I grew up in Southern Mississippi with a dad who was a huge New Orleans Saints fan and a season ticket holder for as long as I can remember. As I grew older, I adopted his love for the team. Our college teams were rivals, so this worked well for us. After I married and moved away, I converted my husband to a Saints fan, and we joined my dad for several games each season. His tailgate crew consisted of ridiculously good chefs who brought gumbo straight from their restaurants and other die-hard fans.

“My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2012. He continued to be the ultimate fan, and after losing his leg from complications from the disease, he sported his Saints prosthetic leg. After losing his battle in April 2014, he left us with one request: to sprinkle his ashes on the field at The Dome. Unfortunately, field tours are no longer given, so I had to come up with another idea. Right before half time, my husband and I walked down from our seats to take a picture in the end zone, and while we were posing, I sprinkled him onto the field. I really did!

“My husband and I enjoy returning to The Dome each season and feel my dad’s presence. We created a team for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s annual PurpleStride 5K in Houston called Philip’s Who Dat Nation, and I got a Sir Saint tattoo that is so visible, it is almost unnoticeable.”

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200-amy-mike“Football fanatics – that’s us!” said Amy Lauber. “Mike was raised to know the game inside and out, from watching Notre Dame games with his dad to the Vikings and Packers while in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I call him the sports whisperer. Our favorite team is the Texans through good and bad times. We have missed two games in 16 years and have started traveling to away games. This year, we saw the Texans play in Minneapolis, Denver, Mexico City and Green Bay. We always meet amazing people and represent the Texans in our gear all trip long.

“For my 50th birthday, Mike planned a surprise party with close friends that included a chef-served tasting menu from places we have visited around the world. When dessert arrived, we were all having fun, not focusing on the inspiration for each course. Mike turned to me and said, ‘Aren’t you wondering why we have Boston cream pie for dessert?’ He said to turn over my plate, where there were two tickets to go to Boston in the morning to watch the Texans play the Patriots! We had an amazing weekend and met other fans who travel with us to this day.

“We have done some crazy things to make sure we are either at each game or in front of the television at kickoff. Once, we drove to Fort Collins, Colorado after school on Friday for a college visit for my daughter and made it back for kickoff on Sunday!”

Roy Moore

200-roy“My husband, Roy Moore, is the craziest Dallas Cowboys fan, and I am a Saints and Texans fan!” said Kristie Moore. “We met while living in Dallas, so him being a fan wasn’t surprising to me. However, when we moved to Houston, it was like he had lost his mind! He, his brother, cousin and other friends go to a Cowboys game yearly. At home during football season, there is random screaming during games, and whenever the Cowboys lose, Roy shuts off the lights and TVs and goes to bed! Naturally, as a non-Cowboys fan, I snicker inside.

“As the principal of Nottingham Elementary, Roy has gray office walls with a navy blue stripe in the middle, as well as a star, and he has everything imaginable representing the Dallas Cowboys – street signs, a tissue holder, footballs, figurines – you name it! He even has a Cowboys parking sign for his parking space. Each year for the school auction, families bid for the opportunity to dress Roy in their favorite NFL jersey for the day, and it is never the Dallas Cowboys!”