Champion Athlete Lizzie Buza Devlin

From early childhood through college, Lizzie Buza Devlin excelled at sports.

Where Are They NowBy Andrew Hollan –

Lizzie Buza Devlin, a graduate of Kinkaid School and Brown University, was a mixture of Brandi Chastain, Jennie Finch, Lola Jones, Babe Didrikson Zaharias and a splash of Emma Stone.

The prestigious Kinkaid School in the Memorial area has graduated many female athletes who have won championships and dominated the competition over the decades. My choice for the all-time top female athlete at Kinkaid is Lizzie Buza, now Lizzie Devlin. A tenacious desire to win combined with speed, agility and athletic ability makes her the best of the best for the Falcons.

Lizzie Buza Devlin. Photos by Jesus Tirso/Decca Photography.

When asked about her first sports memory, Devlin recalled playing competitive soccer at age six on an all boys’ team. She went on to become a member of the Kinkaid School Athletic Hall of Honor. She now lives with her husband and children in the exclusive Memorial area and is still active in tennis, running and golf. Devlin begins golf play always from the men’s tee box. She is a licensed physician assistant who earned her advanced degree from Baylor College of Medicine.

Devlin’s advice to girls considering competitive sports is emboldening: “Find what is important to you and do it with all of your heart. Do not be afraid of being an athlete.” As a midfielder, she never heard the crowd or opposing coaches. Illegal violations by players did not faze her. Playing with a quiet confidence, Devlin did what she thought was right at all times during athletic competition. Her alert observations of opponents and ability to

Lizzie Buza Devlin was named Field Hockey 2002 Most Valuable Player and Field Hockey 2000 Rookie of the Year at Brown University.

see everything in slow motion led to her winning edge. Her visualization skills were remarkable in seeing the future before it happened on the field. Neither a case of heatstroke nor a broken leg she sustained while playing softball for Brown University kept her from pursuing her athletic endeavors. She never missed a practice or game while at Kinkaid and Brown University.

After interviewing Devlin’s coaches, family members, U.S. Field Hockey in Colorado, and researching her records, and statistics, I believe she is the best female athlete in the 111 year history of the prominent Kinkaid School. Many of the records she set for Kinkaid’s track and field program still stand. A coach’s dream, Devlin has been described as smart, tough, highly motivated and cunning. Opponents on the field said she was like an incoming missile. With a full trophy cabinet of both individual and team awards, she deserves recognition for being the standard-bearer for female athletics at Kinkaid School. Lizzie Devlin is a champion of champions.