Aerial Yoga

Ali Greer

Ali Greer

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Aerial yoga is the newest yoga trend sweeping fitness studios across America, and Memorial just jumped on the bandwagon! A 75 minute exercise takes students through meditations, standing and seated poses, balancing postures and inversions. This isn’t a traditional mat class. Instead, participants enjoy a low-intensity workout with a hammock suspended in the air. Elevated yoga is a relatively restorative practice – with the exception of some challenging poses – including a dash of Cirque de Soleil.

Aerial yoga helps build core and upper body strength, as well as flexibility and relieving stress. “There is something very liberating about floating, stretching and flying through the air. The best part about this sport is the inversions, which lengthen your muscles and release tension in your back,” said Donovan Greer, owner of Pro Dynamics.

Hanging in Downward Dog over fabric will soothe an old back injury in seconds. Inversions are gentle on shoulders, neck and wrists. The hammock used in flying yoga is a silk-like texture called tricot. Not only is the fabric soothing to the skin, but it also encourages relaxation during the workout. Additionally, the hammock is the perfect prop for support and a safe approach to gradually building strength and balance. “This has been a popular form of yoga with Hollywood celebrities for a long time, so I am excited to see it here in Houston – let alone in Memorial!” said Melissa Mann, who recently attended her first class.

The aerial hammock makes it easier to hold an inverted pose while correcting alignment. Although many first-time students struggle with the vulnerability of letting go and placing full trust in the hammock, opening up to the experience of aerial yoga can
inspire participants in the best ways.

Those who are looking for a boost of adventure and playfulness may find aerial yoga to be the perfect dose of happiness and well-being.