Ask Alex: The Holiday Shopping Card

200-giftOver 20,000 people die of cancer every day. According to the American Cancer Society, the lifetime probability of a man developing cancer is 1 in 2 and a woman is 1 in 3 as of 2014.

If you, someone you love, a friend or a co-worker has or has had cancer, they are part of the growing number of people affected by this horrible disease. You can help fight back. “Pay it forward” with the American Cancer Society, VICTORY Houston and the Holiday Shopping Card from  October 20th to 30th this year.

Q. What is the Holiday Shopping Card?

A. The Holiday Shopping Card is the traditional start of the Houston area holiday season. Shoppers purchase the Holiday Shopping Card for $75 and receive a minimum of 20% off merchandise at over 600 participating retailers. The purchase of each card is a $75 donation that goes to the American Cancer Society, Gulf Coast Region in an effort to raise more money for the American Cancer Society. I have participated for five years and find it so rewarding!

300-cardQ. How do I find a list of stores that participate in the Holiday Shopping Card?

A. You can find a list of retailers in the Houston area at Once you purchase the Holiday Shopping Card, you will receive a book with all of the retailers, the area that they are located and a description of the store.

Q. What is the history of the Holiday Shopping Card?

A. In 1997, VICTORY presented the first Holiday Shopping Card. Celebrating its 20th year of presenting the card, they have contributed over $14 million dollars in proceeds from this event to the American Cancer Society.  All money raised is by selling the card, and the organization does not get proceeds from the 20% savings. Their goal this year is to raise $1 million.

Q. What is VICTORY?

A. Founded in 1987 as a volunteer organization to help in the fight against cancer in the Houston area, VICTORY has 130 active members and is a special branch of the American Cancer Society. The Holiday Shopping Card and The Cattle Baron’s Ball are the special events that provide VICTORY with the revenues for this fundraising endeavor.

Q. Where do the funds raised by the Cattle Baron’s Ball and the Holiday Shopping Card

A. All funds raised at both events are for research grants, educational programs and service programs at the American Cancer Society.