Avoid Summer Learning Loss at Appleton Learning of Houston

Familiar with summer learning loss? It’s actually a well-studied occurrence. It’s like momma always said: “Use it or lose it.” Research shows that students may lose some of what they’ve learned the previous year during the long summer break. Appleton’s goal in the summertime is to help students prevent summer learning loss and to help them prepare for the upcoming school year. Take advantage of the summer months with Appleton’s enriching and fun summer camps for lower and upper grade levels.

2013 Summer Camps:

Crush the Test: ACT and SAT One Week Test Preparation Boot Camp.

Robotics Level 1 and Level 2 with Lego Mindstorm: Bring science, mathematics, engineering and technology to life. From construction to programming, students will build robots to complete various challenges.

Unleashing the Creative Beast: The brain is a muscle just like any other in your body. If you train it, stretch it, and flex it, your brain will become stronger and you will be a better problem solver and a more creative thinker.

Genius Training: This is a study skills series designed to maximize time in order to maximize results. Learn how to read twice as fast, memorize large amounts of information, ace any test, and outwit your friends.

Appleton Learning of Houston located next to Carrabba’s at 1395 South Voss in Houston.  Contact us  for Summer Camp details at 713-461-4131, Houston@AppletonLearning.com   or facebook.com/AppletonLearning.  Learn more at AppletonLearning.com.