Exclamation Points – June 2017

Ok I have to say that this issue is such a labor of love. This is my first issue as the new owner of absolutely! Memorial Magazine, and I have to say I am exhausted! Haha! Seriously though, we have many changes coming down the road to the magazine, and the fi rst up is the addition of the Memorial Villages in 77055. I have been fi elding stops in the grocery store, calls and letters for years why we didn’t go into Spring Valley or Hilshire Village. I’m happy to say starting this month, we are hitting mailboxes across I-10 – 1,734 homes to be exact and I am thrilled!

As we continue to transition the magazine, I would love to hear any and all feedback – good and bad – that is the only way for me to monitor how we are doing and how we can improve telling stories of this incredible community we call home. I also encourage everyone to support our advertisers. It takes a lot to produce this magazine and mail into 30,000 homes monthly and thanks to our amazing advertisers, everyone is able to see their neighbors, cute kids, hear about community things going on!

On this month’s cover, we have what I have been wanting to do for years: our “Men of Memorial” issue. You’ll meet three men who are known through our community: one for his dedication to SBISD, one known for his giving to his church and helping the poor and one through coaching many kids through SBMSA. These guys were so much fun to work with and if you see them around, ask them about our makeup artist on set for touch ups. Some wouldn’t have anything to do with it!!!

We also have a new column that I enlisted Tricia Oliver to pen on style and fashion. Memorial has many stylish people – I’m not one of them however – lol – so I thought to have a dedicated person to show us what’s in and out and in between. The Gentleman’s Guide on page 16 does not disappoint!
Finally, we are going to be partnering even more with events that strengthen the core in which we believe and live to help the community. We here at absolutely!

Memorial Magazine have a platform to tell stories. Our first story is that of Memorial resident Matthew DeAyala. His mom Melissa and I are chairing the “3rd Annual George Springer Celebrity Bowling Benefi t” on June 11th at Lucky Strikes. It benefits the organization Say.Org, which send kids that stutter to camp. Houston Astro George Springer stutters and I promise if you are to come and hear Matthew speak about his lifetime of stuttering, you will not only be inspired but appreciate his bravery in wanting to give back and help with the cause. Read all about it on page 30, and if you are so inclined, buy a ticket or two. You never know what Astros you will be bowling with!

Thank you again for all of your support and I hope you hop aboard. We are getting ready to have some fun!

Lara Bell