February 2017 Exclamation Points

Lara Bell

Lara Bell

How exciting is it that Super Bowl LI takes place here in Houston? This is such a coup for our city. I have to admit I am a big sports fan. I love watching sports and am really anticipating the big game. Speaking of the big game, this cover shoot was such a blast! And for our cover story on page 10, I asked several Memorial residents to share stories about their favorite team or their crazy fan obsessions, and yep, we have some crazy football fans in Memorial!

Also in this issue, we’re celebrating the month of love. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide beginning on page 42 will help you find the perfect way to make your sweetheart feel loved.

Finally, the 54th Annual Spring Thing Market is coming up on February 28th through March 2nd. The Spring Thing Market is one of the largest and oldest shopping markets in Houston produced by the Chapelwood United Methodist Women. In fact, the market has raised funds for women and children in need for 54 years! Find out how to purchase tickets on page 13. Happy shopping!

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