Getting Your Life Back with Dr. Shel

The Lalji Family: Ayeez, Shelena, Zoe and Zade.

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In today’s society where hectic schedules and dual career parents have become the norm, the terms health and wellness have taken on a whole new meaning. The role of managing one’s health and wellness has become much more important – and complex – than in previous generations, and making it a priority for both women and men is oftentimes overlooked.

“So many of us put our families and careers first and disregard our own wellbeing,” said Dr. Shelena Lalji, who has more than 20 years of experience as a board certified OB/GYN, author, internationally renowned speaker, media expert, health and wellness advocate and an avid educator.  “Women and men need to take their health into their own hands – make it a priority – and find a physician who is an advocate for them, one who gets to know the patient as a person and not just a number.  You cannot do your best for your family, your career and yourself if you are not in your best health.”

“Getting your life back” is what this health and wellness expert is talking about.  Known affectionately by patients and colleagues as “Dr. Shel” and considered by many as an expert in the fields of wellness, anti-aging and aesthetics, Dr. Shel is devoted to her patients. “My team and I strive to improve both their inner and outer well-being with a customized approach to care while evaluating the root causes of our patients’ symptoms.” At her practice, Dr. Shel offers both wellness and aesthetic services for both men and women so they can look and feel confident and youthful, and get their life back.  “Feeling your absolute best is an integral part of our philosophy of care,” she said. “I strongly believe the art of beauty and the science of wellness are key ingredients for a balanced and vital life.”

Compassionate, Customized Care

Dr. Shel. Photo by Michael Martinez Photography.

At the Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center in Sugar Land, patients are provided with relief from their ailments though customized, individualized care. “Understanding our patients’ lives, the root causes of their concerns, their inner and outer wellness goals and helping them achieve those goals is always our main priority,” said Dr. Shel.

KHOU’s Great Day Houston senior producer and host Deborah Duncan knows first-hand the quality of care that lies within Dr. Shel’s hands. After the birth of her son, Duncan noticed a substantial change in her body. She was fatigued but could not sleep. She also endured hair loss and depression, but when she reached out for help, the doctors she met with only wanted to treat her symptoms, rather than correcting the underlying cause of her symptoms.

Finally, Duncan met with Dr. Shel, which was a turning point in her health journey. To understand why Duncan was experiencing such a dramatic change in her quality of life, Dr. Shel performed comprehensive lab work, which confirmed her suspicions that Duncan had hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Shel and patient Deborah Duncan. Photo by Nesossi Studios

“Having a lab on the premises is so convenient,” Duncan said. “Dr. Shel rebalanced my hormones, nutrition and gut and literally saved my life. The hormones and detoxification helped to reduce inflammation in my body that had made me look puffy. This improved my weight, sleep and fatigue so I could feel great again!”

Because she strongly believes in using natural over synthetic hormones, Dr. Shel offers bio-identical hormones, which are biologically identical to what the body produces and are recognized by our body’s cell receptors. Duncan also took advantage of Dr. Shel’s Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy – a method of feeding essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into a patient’s bloodstream – and Vanquish ME, which helps to eliminate body fat around the abdomen, arms, legs and hips without any surgery or downtime.

“These services are the sure way that my body can instantly receive vitamins and essential nutrients, so I can keep up with my fast-paced life,” Duncan said. “And Vanquish ME helped to reduce the fat in my mid-section that was always a challenging area.”

“There are so many cool, innovative procedures available in Dr. Shel’s office that can help you feel great from the inside out, and it’s all done under one beautiful roof. Dr. Shel is constantly on the lookout for the latest techniques and technology that can yield the best results for a better you.”

Treating the Whole Person

“I believe we should take care of the whole person,” Dr. Shel explained.  “We need to treat everyone from their cells to their souls.  My team and I work very hard alongside our patients, and our goal is give our patients their life back.”

Dr. Shel’s success with her patients lies in her approach to their health. At her practice, general or broad treatments are never the go-to answer, and a patient’s concerns are never dismissed. When a woman complains of mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, low libido and depression, often the culprit is hormonal imbalance, primarily because of declining progesterone and /or testosterone levels, especially for women in their 30s and 40s. This unfortunate trend continues to worsen with declining estrogen as they enter their 50s and 60s into and beyond menopause.

“Women need to be validated and not made to feel that it is all in their head,” Dr. Shel said. “Once we diagnose and correct the imbalances, women once again feel vibrant, energized, sexy and full of life.”

Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center specializes in more than hormones, detoxification, IV therapy and nutrition. From a range of other services, such as weight loss, sexual health, feminine rejuvenation and gut health to a plethora of aesthetic services, such as laser skin tightening, laser rejuvenation, Botox, wrinkle fillers, coolsculpting, fat reduction, microneedling, PRP hair restoration, laser hair and vein removal, Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center is all-encompassing, providing women with everything they need to regain control of her health, vitality and confidence. “We are very complicated beings, and at my practice, we treat those complicated issues comprehensively. We no longer have to accept low energy, weight gain, low libido, hair loss, depression, mood swings, insomnia and many such symptoms as part of aging,” Dr. Shel stressed. “We can truly work on living our dream lives and being the best versions of ourselves.”

Dedicated to providing her patients with the latest in medical and holistic advances and customized treatments, Dr. Shel’s research is never-ending; she is above all else a problem-solver. “My patients look to me for solutions, and research and technology is constantly evolving.  I feel very strongly that the traditional approach to medicine is like putting a band-aid on issues.  We shouldn’t treat just the symptoms with a multitude of medications and not address the actual cause.  My team and I focus on the root cause, diagnose why our patients are feeling as they are, really listen to them, and get them feeling their best naturally and holistically.”

Feminine Rejuvenation is a cutting edge non-surgical laser treatment changing thousands of women’s lives. “Women have been suffering in silence with vaginal dryness, pain, urinary incontinence and lack of sensation. No longer will they suffer,” said Dr. Shel. Her center was the first in the U.S. to offer several such treatments such as Mona Lisa Touch, Intimilase, Incontilase and the BTL Ultra Femme 360. She is involved in teaching and research on these topics and passes on the benefits of that to her patients.

Holistic hair restoration with platelet rich plasma (PRP) is another such innovative therapy that Dr. Shel is known for. “PRP hair restoration along with low level laser is helping patients grow healthier, stronger hair.  It’s one of the most promising options for potentially stopping or reversing hair loss in both men and women.”

Focus on Men’s Health

Dr. Shel and patient Johnny Carrabba. Photo by Michael Martinez Photography.

Just as women have their own unique health and wellness issues, the same is true for men. “Hormonal balance is not just for women,” explained Dr. Shel. “It is a vital component of men’s health and their attributes – strength, tenacity, confidence, drive and initiative.  All of these attributes are linked to men’s hormone and nutrition levels.”

Dr. Shel has treated hundreds of men over the years with a strong focus on nutrition, testosterone replacement, gut health, IV therapy and aesthetics; all of which help them feel energized and revitalized, while aiding in weight loss, increased libido and motivation and getting their energy back.

Houston restauranteur Johnny Carrabba really didn’t have any major health issues but was feeling tired and a bit run down when Duncan came to his home to film a cooking segment for Great Day Houston.  “I told Deborah I just didn’t feel energetic, and I wasn’t sleeping very well,” shared Carrabba.  “I just wasn’t feeling up to par. I attributed it to getting a little bit older, but Deborah recommended I go see Dr. Shel.”

Dr. Shel met with Carrabba and ran a comprehensive series of tests.  “Dr. Shel was able to create a natural formula for me so that now I have more energy, and I sleep much better. I feel a lot better.  I believe sleep has a lot to do with it.  Dr. Shel has educated me on how sleep is a natural healer, and she has replenished the deficiencies in my body naturally. Working with Dr. Shel and her staff has been a really good experience.”

Balancing Carrabba’s vitamin and hormone levels wasn’t the only thing Dr. Shel focused on for his course of treatment; she also instilled the value of having balance in Carrabba’s life. “There are a lot of moving parts in my life,” said Carrabba. “Dr. Shel has taught me a lot about having balance in my life and the importance of overall wellness.  She’s taught me that at times you may have to be a little focused on caring for yourself so you can take care of everyone else around you.”

Carrabba’s customized plan also includes guided meditation by a certified meditation instructor on Dr. Shel’s team.  “I appreciate the fact that Dr. Shel is very thorough, and there’s a plan individualized to me.”

To create your custom health and wellness plan and finally get your life back, call 281-313-7435 to schedule your consultation.