Give the Gift of Investing

By J.D. Joyce –

Looking for a gift idea that might offer long term benefits for that special child in your life? Consider investing in shares of stock on behalf of the recipient. If personalized to their taste, the child might even find some excitement in this piece of paper representing stock ownership, if not now, perhaps later in life.

Several years ago, my wife and I first did this for our children. We invested in a publicly traded children’s clothing company they frequented. This exercise provided an introduction to economics, capitalism and stock ownership in a way a child could appreciate – all things any good investor would love to teach their children. Of course, I couldn’t help but chuckle as our young investors entered the store where they owned a few shares and spoke as if they owned the entire chain! Today, we laugh at the story, but we also enjoy the investment returns, and more importantly, the lesson learned by investing in something relatable and understandable to even a child.

As with all investments, it behooves one to do their research. If contemplating a meaningful gift, please consult your tax and legal advisors. If under the age of majority, it might involve opening a custodial account, which might have added fees or costs.