Make Summertime a Productive Time for Learning at Huntington Learning Center

For Lilly, a 4th grader in the Memorial area, reading used to be a twofold mystery. The more she struggled with phonics and comprehension, the more she wondered how anyone could ever consider reading fun. Her feelings began to change, however, when she was enrolled in the Huntington Learning Center Summer Adventure. Huntington personalized instruction for Lilly to address the skill gaps that made reading so difficult. Her perspective was transformed completely when she embarked on a Summer Learning Adventure and found herself reading, comprehending and enjoying more books than ever before.

Ryan’s math grades were dropping. Homework was getting harder and becoming more of an emotional struggle every night. He was secretly afraid of having to take math again next year. Ryan was enrolled in the Huntington Learning Center Summer Adventure where the teachers evaluated his math skills and identified fundamental weaknesses. Huntington created an individualized program for Ryan to complete over the summer. In the fall, he started the school year with a solid foundation. Homework became less of a chore and he began to look forward to math class for the first time.

Huntington Learning Center has been helping kids do better in school for over 35 years. Our Summer Learning Adventures are a great way to keep summertime a productive time for learning. Huntington Learning Center is located in the Hedwig Village Shopping Center on I-10 just East of Bunker Hill. Call today at 713-933-2655.