May 2017 Exclamation Points

Johnny Carrabba, Deborah Duncan, Dr. Shelena Lalji and Lara Bell.

Who else is getting end of school – beginning of summer – itches? I know I am. In fact, making the kids’ lunches this past week, I have to admit I have gotten a little too lazy and sent Brooks to school with a half eaten lunch pack!

On this month’s cover, you may recognize Memorial residents and TV personality Deborah Duncan with restaurateur Johnny Carrabba, but who you may not know is Dr. Shelena Lalji. Dr. Shel, as her patients refer to her, is who they see to reverse the clock. She will explain what she is doing to help these well-known figures stay youthful and full of energy!

Also in this issue, some area moms share with us how they celebrate Mother’s Day, and we shine the spotlight on several charity events. As prom and graduation are upon us, it is a time for change in many seniors’ lives, so we at absolutely! Memorial Magazine wish all of the graduating seniors who read our magazine congratulations and best wishes for their future!

And speaking of change, last month I formed a company called Swoon Media LLC, and I purchased absolutely! Memorial Magazine. I take the reins beginning with the June issue and will slowly transition away from the mother ship! I am so excited to begin this chapter but would be lying if I didn’t also say I was a little scared. It is a big responsibility, but I am ready, able and full of gratitude for the opportunity.

Continue reaching out to me, giving me suggestions, good and bad comments letting me know how I can better support this wonderful community I call home – Memorial.


Lara Bell-Milam