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By Gabriel Al-Rifai –

Aja Knott is completing her final year at Memorial High School, and she is wrapping up her high school career strong. “I’m taking two sciences this year, chemistry and aquatic science,” said Aja. “I’m a huge fan of aquatic studies, but not so much a huge fan of chemistry. I’ll also be in my first art photography course, and I’m on the yearbook committee as a photographer, which takes up all of my electives! Then, I just have my other basic core classes. However, my main love and devotion will go towards my photography classes because it will for sure be my favorite!”

Aja is a member of an environmental conservation club, and she was on an improve comedy group for a short time.  “I’m also part of the Democrat Club and the Mustang Key Club, which is essentially a volunteering club.” Aja shares that she has a passion for makeup and all things regarding cosmetology, and most of all, a love for learning. “I’m proud to say that I’ll go to any lengths to accomplish something that I want to do,” said Aja. “Learning something new every day is the key to a productive lifestyle. In order to find inspiration, I always turn towards fashion and travel magazines like Vogue and National Geographic. I love things with a vintage, classic feel.”

Of all of the activities she is involved in, Aja’s favorite is the Mustang Key Club. “At least twice a month, I volunteer either with a group of friends or with the Key Club. We have volunteered at the Target Hunger organization, the Houston Food Bank and Comp-U-Dopt. At the Target Hunger and Food Bank facilities, we’ve packaged and handed out fresh food to families in need in the Houston area. At the Comp-U-Dopt events, we take in elementary school children, give them a basic computer lesson and then give them their very own desk top to use at home free of charge. Volunteering has to be one of my favorite hobbies because there isn’t anything more rewarding than helping others in my opinion. It also gives me a chance to meet a lot of great people and learn things about my community.”

Aja’s hobbies include volunteering, photography and she loves to read. Additionally, she and her sister foster, rehabilitate and prepare dogs for adoption. “We have fostered and adopted out two pit bulls in the past six months.”

Looking toward the future, Aja’s number one choice school is Texas State University. She plans on being a communications major with an emphasis on photo communications. “My main goal is to go away to college and get my degree in four years,” said Aja.

Congratulations Aja on being absolutely! Memorial’s High School Hot Shot! We are looking forward to your future accomplishments.