Meet Jordan Trammell

Jordan Trammell

By Gabriel Al-Rifai –

Jordan Trammell is a Memorial High School track star, an older sister, an honor student, a friend and all heart. Right from the get-go, Jordan was a thoughtful introvert with a witty sense of humor. She’s obviously grown up quit a bit, but she’s stayed true to herself, and those qualities are ever present. As with most high school seniors, Jordan is eager to begin the next stage of life. And, even though that includes another five plus years, pediatric oncology is worth the extra education as Jordan loves children.

Although Jordan has enjoyed a successful track career, she’s fairly certain that she’ll enjoy intramural sports as opposed to continuing competitive track. She’s aware that med school will be competitive enough, a pretty wise insight into knowing what she’s up against and how realistic her expectations are.

Jordan has spent the past few summers as a camp counselor at a Young-Life camp, which she once enjoyed as a camp member. Jordan is really into paying it back and forward. She has had a few experiences that have helped her carve out a clear career path, and after getting to know her, she seems like the kind of person that accomplishes whatever she sets her sights on. Her school has always come first, and as a result, she is a member of the National Honor Society. She and her sister, Mckenna, are tight. When they were in the studio to see the finished portraits, McKenna came with Jordan along with her supportive mother, Lisa Trammell.

We often ask our high school seniors to imagine themselves finishing up their college career and taking a look back at where they started. Then, we ask them to write a letter to themselves when they began college and what kind of insight or guidance they would give to their freshman selves. Here’s what Jordan wrote:


Looking back over the last four years, it is hard to believe that they went by so quickly. During orientation, I became friends with a lot of new people and decided I loved college already. The first week before school started, I rushed and got into the sorority that was my top choice! Through the sorority, I met some of my best friends and had a lot of good times. During the first few weeks, I found a campus ministry that I loved and got involved. I also joined intramural sports teams and competed in many different sports meeting lots of new people there as well. Eventually, I got my degree and majored in Pre-Med. After college, I decided it was time to move back to Texas and go to medical school. Once at medical school, I picked my specialty, Pediatric Oncology. Now it is on to the next challenge!

We wish you the best Jordan. We’re excited to keep our eyes on Jordan Trammell as this month’s absolutely! Memorial’s High School Hot Shot.