Meet Matthew Englund

Matthew Englund

By Gabriel Al-Rifai –

Everyone has a choice, but when you are 6’5” and are about to be a senior at Stratford High School, there’s a good chance you’re going to be playing basketball. If you love the game as much as Matthew Englund does, then basketball is what you do.

Along with participating in the Young Life organization, having student council on his resumé and making time for service projects at Chaplewood United Methodist Church, Matt keeps his grades up as a dedicated and hardworking student. As much as he enjoys breathing, eating and sleeping basketball, Matt has another passion that he plans to pursue in his professional career. He is an extremely considerate and caring individual, which is why he plans to major in sports medicine after he graduates this coming year.  He hasn’t yet decided which school he will attend, but his choices are Texas Tech, Arizona, Florida State University and Texas State. (Hear that, recruiters? Come and get him!)

When we asked Matt what professional or college basketball team he would most like to work for, believe it or not, he’s got his sights set on football sports medicine. Matt says he enjoys watching football more than basketball.

We’ll be on the look out for this gentle giant as he begins his senior year on the varsity basketball team and then, on to even bigger things. Congratulations Matthew Englund! You are absolutely! Memorial’s High School Hot Shot.