Meet Tucker May

Tucker May

Tucker May

By Bonnie and Gabriel Al-Rifai –

To say that Tucker May is an inspiring person is a great understatement. He has not only overcome obstacles in his young life, but he has used those obstacles to catapult his desire to succeed.

While Tucker is hearing impaired, he has never let that be an issue that defines him. Most people who meet him would never even notice his hearing loss, especially since he is most often found singing with perfect pitch on stage.

The hearing impaired actress, Marlee Matlin, has been very influential to Tucker because she is a good example of how someone has overcome their hearing impairment, which is exactly what he tries – and succeeds – at doing as well.

Tucker has always had a passion for choir and was selected for the Spring Branch Boys Choir before the 4th grade, where he sang with them for five years. He also participated in his high school choir at Stratford High School and competed in choir at the district and regional levels. He loves musical theater and has participated in the Tommy Tune nominated winter shows at Stratford Playhouse. Will Rogers Follies was the first play where he learned to tap dance and trick rope. He discovered dance, which led him to a part in Crazy For You, last winter. He is also part of the upcoming show West Side Story, and most recently, Tucker was pleased to be selected for one of the lead roles, Emmett Forrest, in Legally Blonde, where he stood out of the crowd with his absolutely heart-melting voice.

In addition to his singing talent, Tucker is also a fantastic dancer. He takes dance lessons at Broadway Dance Center in New York City in the summer, and in Houston, he is active at Suzanne Seman’s Studio. He takes nine hours of dance class each week, as well as voice lessons. He was selected to attend a three week summer intensive with Broadway Theater Project last summer in Tampa.

Tucker is drawn to New York City because the heart of New York describes his attitude towards life: busy and always having somewhere to be. He describes himself as simple but sophisticated, which suits him perfectly.

Tucker is actively involved in school activities and serves on the student council. He also enjoys participating in service projects for both the school and community. In addition to his theater involvement at Stratford, this highly motivated junior is part of the Academy of Finance, is the social chair of the Umbrella Club where “it’s raining school spirit” and the Quillow Club, where they make quilts for children at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston. He is a former member of the Education In Action Student Council of Texas and is very involved in the youth group and Children’s Worship Service at his church.

While he loves performing, Tucker plans to pursue business in college. He is currently studying many business classes at school and enjoys accounting. He would love to find a way to connect the entertainment industry with the business world in his future.

When Tucker graduates, he is looking at the University of Texas, as well as some small colleges in New York City. He plans to major in business, entrepreneurship or entertainment business.

What is most impressive about Tucker is that he really loves proving people wrong when they think his hearing impairment limits him. He doesn’t consider it an impairment, but more an ability to be a little bit different.