Never Give Up …On Dieting, That Is

By Deborah Duncan –

We’ve all heard the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again!” But seriously, there has got to be a cutoff on trying again with diet plans. Many of us have ridden that roller coaster in search of the plan that promises to keep us full but won’t have us looking so filled out. Is it too much to ask? The author of the New York Times best seller, Shred, The Revolutionary Diet, says, “No!” So far, thousands of so called shredders, several living in Houston, have lost an average of four inches and two dress sizes in just six weeks. If I can still have a Belgian waffle, chocolate and a glass of wine, then sign me up. You actually can have things like that on this diet!

So how is that possible? Dr. Smith says, “The shred diet relies on two basic things when it comes to how the body manages food intake. Those two things include meal spacing and diet confusion.” Most of us are already on board with diet confusion because we don’t really know what to eat. One study says fat is evil. The next study says fat is not evil. Carbs are. Actually, that’s not the kind of diet confusion Dr. Smith is talking about. Instead, it’s all about having a varied diet. If your body gets used to the same kind of food all of the time, then your metabolism is not challenged. The result is you never lose weight, or you reach a plateau after losing a few initial pounds.

When it comes to meal spacing, many of us do not realize that the body can only absorb a certain amount of protein and carbs at any given time. So what happens to the excess amount? You guessed it. The body takes the overflow and stores it as fat. It is said that an egg is the perfect amount of protein for the body to absorb. The problem is, in this super-size it world, we aren’t eating just one egg, or one piece of toast, or one piece of anything. By eating several times a day, our body can actually use what we give it before we start filling it up again. It’s kind of like a slow draining sink. Put a certain amount of water in the sink, and the water will eventually drain. Keep the water running, and it will overflow and make a mess of things.

So, meal spacing and diet confusion seem simple enough, but the real reason why I think this book is working for so many people is because Dr. Smith tapped into our human nature. You can’t just tell us to eat better and in smaller portions. You need to tell us exactly what to eat and when. The book takes all the guesswork out and plans every single meal and snacks for the entire six weeks. In a recent interview, I asked Dr. Smith if he was surprised that this book was the hottest selling book in the country, especially when it had the word diet in it. We sometimes associate that word with hard work. He said, “I had no idea that it would move this fast, but what it tells me is that it is easy to do and, most of all, it works!”

So, I guess I will try, try again, and so far on this diet, I think I will succeed. In the first week, I have lost five pounds, and I actually had the nerve to stop and look at a two piece…dare I say, I think it was a thong! For grins, I might even try it on at the end of the six weeks.