New Year’s Fitness Goals for a New You



By Donovan Greer –

As the new year approaches, most of us have health and fitness goals that we set out to meet. Unfortunately, most of us lose sight of our goals. Here are 10 tips to prevent that annual disappointment.

1. Hire a personal fitness professional.

Hiring a personal fitness professional allows you not only to take the guess work out of what to do in the gym, but they also hold you accountable.

2. Make it a lifestyle change.

Most people want to trim up or lose weight for an event or an occasion. While there’s nothing wrong with that, exercise and fitness should be done on a regular basis. Make it a part of your weekly routine.

3. Set realistic goals.

One of the biggest reasons most people fall short of their goals is because they’re not coming close to the lofty goals they’ve set. Make short-term, realistic goals.

4. Have one small cheat meal per week.

I encourage all of my clients to have one cheat meal per week. This doesn’t mean eat an entire pizza or a gallon of Blue Bell. If you’ve been disciplined all week, reward yourself.



5. Track your progress.

Write down your weight loss and inches lost around your waist. This will keep you motivated.

6. Keep a food journal.

Keeping a food journal not only holds you accountable, but it also makes you aware of the foods you eat.



7. Don’t give up.

It normally takes about a month or so to develop a habit. Before you know it, exercising will come as natural as brushing your teeth.

8. Form a support group.

A support group can be family, friends or anyone you work out with.

It will make your fitness journey that much easier.

9. Write your goals on paper.

It’s been proven that when you write goals down, you increase your chances of reaching them.

10. Relax and have fun.

You’re not going overseas to fight. You’re enhancing your lifestyle. Listen to motivating music and learn to laugh. Having fun will make your exercise experience enjoyable.