Swim for Dyslexia

Memorial area residents and swim relay team members Jakob Turpin and Lucca Incerpi.

The weekend of Saturday, May 20th, a team of adventurous student swimmers, including several from the Memorial area, will attempt a historic, first-ever open water swim by swimming the length of Galveston Island. The distance is approximately 30 miles, with each swimmer completing a portion of the swim in a rotating relay format. All of the swimmers have dyslexia or are supporting a family member or friend with dyslexia.

Their collective goal is to use this swim as a platform to highlight their grit, resiliency and drive that comes with learning differences. While many people think of dyslexia as a negative, these students are aware of the many positive and unique neurological advantages, as well as strong coping skills that come with this learning difference.

Participating in an open water swim relay is a team effort, and everyone plays a vital role in the success and morale of the swim. The swim team captain, who is a dyslexic, will help boost morale and social support for all swimmers.  There is also a dyslexic student crew chief who will be supporting the swimmers with feeds, boat event logistics, as well as social media from the boat. On shore, a student with dyslexia will be in charge of shore logistics such as the landing party, organization and shore based media. In addition to the students, there is group of successful dyslexic adults from Houston who are offering their expertise, including support through paddle boarding, life guarding, swimmer support, weather and conditions advising and crew logistics.

The Memorial community is invited to show their support by following “Kerry Swims For Dyslexia” on FaceBook where there will be highlights of the event and live feeds. The collective goal is to raise a total of $10,000 for the dyslexia non-profit NoticeAbility that brings innovative and strength-based curriculum to middle school dyslexics.

Visit www.crowdrise.com/kerrys-swim-for-dyslexia/fundraiser/kerryswimsfordyslexia for more information.