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John Boyert.

John Boyert.

By Lara Bell –

Over the next few months, we will hear a lot about our 2nd Amendment rights with an election coming up, as well as hunting season, which for several types of hunting, starts this month. I caught up with Memorial business owner John Boyert of Boyert Shooting Center for information on gun safety.

absolutely! Memorial: I am hearing a lot in the news about LTC. What is LTC?

John Boyert: LTC is short for License to Carry. It used to be CHL (Conceal Handgun License) but was changed to LTC in January 2016. This is a license that allows individuals to open carry or conceal – carry a handgun. In order for an individual to receive the LTC, they must complete a four to six hour class that includes classroom instruction and a shooting proficiency test. The shooting portion test consists of 20 rounds at three yards, 20 rounds at seven yards and 10 rounds at 15 yards.

AM: Are you seeing more women come in for lessons? 

JB: Yes, more women are coming in wanting to learn how to use a firearm and eventually progressing to take the LTC class. Women are more open to the thought of firearms now compared to how it was a couple of years and even months ago because of increased crime rates. They feel like it is up to them to protect themselves and more importantly, their family. As a result, there has been an increase in both men and women wanting to learn and buying firearms to protect their loved ones.

AM: Why do you think more and more people are learning handgun safety by taking classes on

JB: A lot people are taking handgun classes to better their knowledge, but there are more people who have never touched or even thought about touching a firearm. These people feel like they need to start actively preventing any possible harm that may come their way. Crime rates have not just gone up, but the types of crimes are different than they used to be. Crimes used to be during the night or when no one was home, but today’s crimes seem more random. It does not matter when, where or who you are or who is around, so it is best to be ready.

AM: What are the dates for hunting season? 

JB: Hunting season is around the corner. There are a lot of different dates and seasons depending on the type of hunting. For more information about hunting season in Texas, visit www.tpwd.texas.gov/regulations and click on “Recreational Fishing and Hunting.”